How to Find Gold Coins On Brawl Stars : Complete Guide

How to Find Gold Coins On Brawl Stars Complete Guide

The gold coins of Brawl Stars are the most important resource after the gems of course, be able to unlock many factors within the game: we can use them to open Brawl Box, the Safes, and get new Brawlers, new Elixir or even chips! Let’s find out the ways to find a lot of gold Brawl Stars.

How to Find Gold Over Brawl Stars

The gold coins allow us to get a lot of resources contained in turn in Brawl Box: as you know, if we get a double Brawlers, this will be converted to another resource.

Finding gold in daily events

Every day you can earn gold coins for free by simply logging in to the game and by tapping on each event available: as you can see from ‘ preview of the article will be there waiting for a variable amount of ready money to be collected. More events will have unlocked, the more coins you’ll earn. You can notice it just by looking at its screen to the challenges.

Finding gold in multiplayer games

Each event (multiplayer challenge) will be available in 24-hour rotation. Each of them will allow you to unlock gold coins in limited quantities. You can win gold coins you are that you victorious bait defeated, obviously the amount will be lower if you do not manage to win.

Also you can have several extra bonus, or an extra amount if you get breakouts certain goals in the match:

  • Bonus win,
  • Bonus First victory,
  • Bonus Level Growth.

Finding gold from Brawlers duplication

When we release a Brawlers opening a safe, there is the possibility that you will find a character we already have. In this case the Brawlers is converted into another resource, which can also be gold.

Enhancements doubled

It is not really a new source, but it allows you to generate a greater quantity of gold coins by the methods outlined above. We can for example:

  • + 50% get 50% more from all of gold coins bonus of multiplayer challenges,
  • X2: Doubling the gold coins accumulated.

According to nsotra game experience we can use one or the other. When to use one or the other? If we are experts and we have a chance to win often, we highly recommend the X2 boost. Both are activated and only work within a period of time or limited quantity (1000 gold).


dragon ball z dokkan battle hacks and cheats
In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you will meet all the faces of the famous anime around Son Goku and the seven Dragonballs.


You always wanted to participate in one of the big tournament tournaments? You are looking for a Dragonball Game with an official license? After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll find exactly that in Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle. Together, all characters from the Japanese character series Dragon Ball Z are joined together in a team. Nappa meets Trunks and Chi-chi has been with Cell since , This is possible through time-space distortions that threaten the entire universe. That’s what Dokkan Battle needs to do and to fight hard! However, battles in this free mobile game will work differently than you expect it or perhaps from other Beat’em ups of the Dragonball saga.

Background is the game mechanics, with which you collect the energy bubbles for your attacks. This multi-colored AI is in every battle between you and your opponent. Depending on the colors you choose, your attack will be weaker or stronger. But it also comes down to tactical team-building, so thought-provoking action.


Gradually, you add more characters to your group, train them, and develop in this way. Depending on the type of your fighters, they learn new techniques and improve their values. It is also important to be able to hoard medals: you can awaken the dormant forces in Son Gohan just as much as the different levels of a Super Saiyajin. On your way along the story of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you will also meet the magical wonders that will fulfill your wish, if you succeed in bringing all seven together.

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Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle Hack English cheat codes for No-Limit (Android / iOS)

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If you do not use our Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle Hack games before you can use the user manual. You can use the statement that is link up.

Super Mario Run Gameplay, Tips and cheats


After the trial balloon “Miitimo” and “Pokemon Go” developed by others, Nintendo will launch its first real mobile gaming, December 15. We could try it.

This is the first time that Mario comes to mobile: Thursday, December 15, the famous plumber will make its debut on iPhone and iPad. With Super Mario Run , Nintendo chose a simple but effective formula, although qu’onéreuse. Pixels was able to have an overview.

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Why is this game so anticipated?

After the social network Miitomo , Super Mario Run is the first true mobile gaming Nintendo, announced with great fanfare at the last conference of Apple in September. What about Pokémon Go  ? These are Californians Niantic, not the Japanese studio responsible for the feeling of summer. Super Mario Run out Thursday on iPhone and iPad, but it has already been able Pixels try .

This is what kind  ?

If Nintendo, we refuse to pronounce the word that might confine gambling to the rank of friendly copy, Super Mario Run is nothing less than a “runner”. A game genre popularized there are already seven years by Canabalt , in which the player has the burden to survive as long as possible a character automatically runs to the right. The only possible interaction: pressure on the smartphone screen, or long, triggering a jump higher or lower.

The recipe, very effective, was later modernized by Rayman Jungle Run , who was one of the first to replace the infinite and random obstacles true course levels, created by hand from A to Z. A game released in French 2012 with which Super Mario Run share a lot of similarities.

What does it look like ?

Super Mario Run offers six environments of four levels each. While some are content to go after, amateur players challenging attempt to find all the parts that are hidden there, and will be rewarded by discovering to two variants of each level. In total, so 72 levels offers the fashion base of Super Mario Run .

Worth what?

We had the opportunity to try Super Mario Run . Far from being simplistic substitute that could be fear , Super Mario Run proves to be a game with multiple levels of reading, easy and immediate for players Sunday, but full of secrets requires tact and address for experienced players .

If we find most mechanical bases of episodes New Super Mario Bros , Nintendo still practiced some adjustments to fit the mobile support. So, Mario (or Luigi or Toad, among other characters to unlock ) can now cling to the edges of platforms, making them a bit more permissive jumps. Especially, the famous plumber automatically avoids the basic enemies and smaller obstacles, though a judiciously placed jump generally allows gain time and coins. Clearly,Super Mario Run does not intend to penalize novice players, but rather reward the most skillful.

This commitment is even reflected in the appearance of a block “Pause”: if he puts a foot on it, Mario pauses for breath and let the time the player to see come the next obstacles. Again, we guess the will of Nintendo make his title more accessible, even to a strange penknife in the contract of “runners”, which are usually biased reflexes and address to reflection.

What long-term interest?

Twenty-four levels (or 72, counting their variants), that’s fine, but it will not take long for the fiercest see the end. For them, Nintendo has created a “kingdom Editor” mode, where the player can spend the coins collected in the levels to rebuild a mushroom village. While most buildings are cosmetic, others give access to daily bonuses, such as coins or tickets, through which you can then participate in “Challenges Toad.”

In these random races, created from elements of previously completed levels, the player can rub the records of other players from the world over. The opportunity to earn “Toads”, these small figures mushroom shaped, and so unlock new buildings … that give access to more tickets, and therefore, the ability to lend to more Toad Challenges. The circle is complete.

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Everything is perfect then?

Not really. If it will be necessary in ensuring the final game in a week, Super Mario Run suffers from a lack of fluidity which it is currently difficult to say if it is due to technical limitations or intrinsically linked the mechanical games .

Above all, Super Mario Run might disappoint all fans of video game players in nomad: the title of Nintendo needs an Internet connection to operate . It is therefore feasible in his sofa Wi-Fi, or in a park with a 4G connection, but it is almost impossible to hand it indulge in the subway, in some trains, plane, or on vacation in foreign. Aberrant for mobile gaming.

And how much does that cost ?

This is where the rub: if the free version of the game gives access to the first three levels, variants, and a demo of the fourth, it will pay 10 euros for access to 24 levels.

A price that may seem prohibitive on iPhone or iPad: it must be said that exercise is difficult for Nintendo, which has no interest in selling off its mascot and its best-known brand. But may also have trouble seducing the public as easily as with a free game like at random Pokémon Go .

That said, beyond the issue of Super Mario Run , it is not forbidden to think that by selling his game as “expensive”, Nintendo created a precedent and mechanically pulls up the average price of video games on mobile support. Which would be good news for their developers, who often struggle to sell their games more than a handful of cents (in the best case). And if she was, the real innovation of Super Mario Run  ?

Explained FIFA 17 Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows, part 1


Guide and tutorial about the game FIFA 17 Mobile hack: first steps, Live Events, Stamina, Attack mode, building composition.

The word of introduction: The new FIFA – the new changes, and even major changes compared to the previous edition (eg. FIFA 15/16). Therefore specially prepared a guide to find in the game and become the best! Feel free to read.

At the beginning after loading the game files, we have the option to log on – I recommend the Fb (same as I do), or Play Games – so there is no chance that our progress in the game have been removed and after restarting / installing the game will have to start from new – and such a case I had in FIFA 15. in addition, this will allow the game on multiple devices.

Getting Started

At the beginning I start by explaining what the different icons on the top bar:


Stamina – for playing the game, performance mini-games etc. are taken from us so. Stamina points. Depending on the lvl u-bar Stamina is greater (on 26lvl I can have max. 21pkt). To renew one point Stamina is needed 10 minutes.

Coin – or our cash

FIFA Coins , or virtual currency, which can be purchased for real money and using it to buy parcels and Stamina.

• messages / notifications (envelope) Achievements (cup), settings (three vertical dots)

Live Events

Then our eyes will be shown the so-called menu. Live Events. On the world map is arranged several mini-football Gierek. Eg. We need to score 4 goals in 10 alone, shoot penalty kicks in a certain place in the goal, to run through the whole field avoiding the red zone. The possibilities are many. What gives us to perform these tasks? Money, experience and a variety of card players or tokens, which can then be used in Plans (what are the plans will be later).

I especially recommend performing Drills – thanks to which we get the card Training – 20 such cards to get a pack of All Pro Players (guaranteed $ 5 players) worth of 50 000 coins. Of course, I do not diminish or other events – some we can get for example. Tokens of teams that can be sold after approx. 10 000 coins also are sometimes available events “Richies” where we can get a card with coins worth from 250 to up to 15 000 coins.

Attack Mode

Then our eyes will be shown the so-called menu. Live Events. On the world map is arranged several mini-football Gierek. Eg. We need to score 4 goals in 10 alone, shoot penalty kicks in a certain place in the goal, to run through the whole field avoiding the red zone. The possibilities are many. What gives us to perform these tasks? Money, experience and a variety of card players or tokens, which can then be used in Plans (what are the plans will be later).

I especially recommend performing Drills – thanks to which we get the card Training – 20 such cards to get a pack of All Pro Players (guaranteed $ 5 players) worth of 50 000 coins. Of course, I do not diminish or other events – some we can get for example. Tokens of teams that can be sold after approx. 10 000 coins also are sometimes available events “Richies” where we can get a card with coins worth from 250 to up to 15 000 coins.

The biggest change and novelty introduced in the new edition. It involves competing with real players in the mode turns. We attack only goal of the opponent, and the defense manages the game. We play the same shares of scoring opportunities, only half of the – as defense strikes the ball beyond the half or goalkeeper catches the ball – we start a new campaign to construct the goal. The entire game takes 1-2 minutes. After finishing the round is our opponent attacks (and our defense manages the game). Each player has after 2 rounds, the winner is the one who will score the most goals.

With the mode of attack, they are tied to the fans. Ie. for winning or played the game in attack mode, we get a given amount of fans, and the loser lose their match. This allows us to Climbing to the top of the rankings and play with more and better players and get more coins and experience. Along with the promotion of the new division also we receive a package of tokens.

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To start the game just on the world map to choose your opponent, click PLAY (one round in this manner takes us 1 point Stamina), then choose the tactics – keep in mind that what tactics you select it with the setting will measure our opponent, ie. How to choose 3-4-3, we will have a strong attack, but it is our opponent then will have an easier task, because we only have 3 defenders.

After finishing the game, we have shown what bonuses we got and we are left to wait for the response of the opponent – he has two days to play the his turn – if not, you will lose the fans and the game is counted as a loss.

On the right side we have the square (with shoe):  RIVALS – there we can look at our ongoing and completed matches (as you can see, even for the defeat go out in the black, if we shoot 2 rounds at least one goal). For this tab ACTIVE see what was the outcome, who is now the turn, and how much time is left to us or our opponent to play your turn. We can also use the NUDGE – our opponent will receive a notification that already embarrassing to to play your turn.

We also have a tab at the top COMPLETED – here is a summary of our completed matches and the possibility of a rematch. You can also note that even if we lost the match, but we played 2 conscientiously their turns it, and so we are in the black. I think it’s a great thing, because even as it continues to lose motivation is not to be a match, and so on because this will earn.

At the field RIVALS we field FRIENDS – there we have a whole menu on the competition with our friends. also check this article in french : fifa 17 mobile astuce

Underneath is the field LEADERS we have the opportunity to see the best players in our category rozgrywkowej, the best players ever and the best league. After clicking on the box VIEW you can see part of the player – which is very interesting to see what the players playing the best player in the world.

Building composition and tactics

Building composition we have available under MY TEAM. At the beginning of the game we get from the game several players and it is important to click the BEST LINEUP in the upper right corner. As a result, automatically we will have the strongest squad. Then in the TACTICS we can choose our tactics – the beginning strongly recommend any offensive or balanced – so the sims mobile hack will have more and better shooting situation, so that we gain more experience in shooting goals. Because in defensive tactics we have fewer players in the attack, and this translates into a much harder attacking the gate. So something like 4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc. Will be in time for the start.

It is worth remembering also the Button STARTING 11 – so we will see what kind of players will be in the starting XI. While in the case of the keeper no problem, for example. We have three players available on the ST position – in my current tactics 4-3-3 in the match may attend only one of them, so that the game picks in the middle (as seen in picture). Therefore, you need time after the change of tactics nazamieniać the players to play his best composition.
Therefore, it is important to choose a optimal tactics and buying players matched to it – eg. In my case it does not make sense to take good players at positions LF, CF, RF – because they do not play, and the money saved can spend on better zawoników of output 11 .

Pokemon Go Latest Tips, Tricks and Cheats for free pokecoins

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Clash Royale Free Gems Generator Tool – Latest 2017

Hello guys! In this video i will show you how you can get free gems in clash royale .All you have to do is to follow the steps and process involved in the video. Using this clash royale hack you can be able to generator unlimited some of free gems, gold and other resources without spending any penny in-app purchases. This clash royale hack gems generator tool works with android, iOS and other devices too.

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