How to Find Gold Coins On Brawl Stars Complete Guide

The gold coins of Brawl Stars are the most important resource after the gems of course, be able to unlock many factors within the game: we can use them to open Brawl Box, the Safes, and get new Brawlers, new Elixir or even chips! Let’s find out the ways to find a lot of gold Brawl Stars.

How to Find Gold Over Brawl Stars

The gold coins allow us to get a lot of resources contained in turn in Brawl Box: as you know, if we get a double Brawlers, this will be converted to another resource.

Finding gold in daily events

Every day you can earn gold coins for free by simply logging in to the game and by tapping on each event available: as you can see from ‘ preview of the article will be there waiting for a variable amount of ready money to be collected. More events will have unlocked, the more coins you’ll earn. You can notice it just by looking at its screen to the challenges.

Finding gold in multiplayer games

Each event (multiplayer challenge) will be available in 24-hour rotation. Each of them will allow you to unlock gold coins in limited quantities. You can win gold coins you are that you victorious bait defeated, obviously the amount will be lower if you do not manage to win.

Also you can have several extra bonus, or an extra amount if you get breakouts certain goals in the match:

  • Bonus win,
  • Bonus First victory,
  • Bonus Level Growth.

Finding gold from Brawlers duplication

When we release a Brawlers opening a safe, there is the possibility that you will find a character we already have. In this case the Brawlers is converted into another resource, which can also be gold.

Enhancements doubled

It is not really a new source, but it allows you to generate a greater quantity of gold coins by the methods outlined above. We can for example:

  • + 50% get 50% more from all of gold coins bonus of multiplayer challenges,
  • X2: Doubling the gold coins accumulated.

According to nsotra game experience we can use one or the other. When to use one or the other? If we are experts and we have a chance to win often, we highly recommend the X2 boost. Both are activated and only work within a period of time or limited quantity (1000 gold).

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